PMOH - Российская Mеждунaродная Oрганизация Hаследия -Mockba
RHIO - Russian Heritage Intl Org. - Moscow - Russian Federation

СУХИС - CCCP - CИO - Советское Историческое Общество - Mockba
SUHIS - CCCP-USSR -Soviet Union Historical Society - Moscow - Russia


1 - SUHIS is a non-governmental Historical Society founded on 16 January 2003, in Moscow , Berlin and Jerusalem, and was integrated as a Division of the newly established PMOH-RHIO Russian Heritage Intl Org. in June 2004

SUHIS main areas of activity:
  • Historical Research & Seminars
  • Russian Army - War Veterans PKKA-CA Red Army 1941-1945 Veterans
  • PR & International Liaison - Moscow-Berlin-Jerusalem - International Partnerships

    SUHIS aims to deal objectively with the history of the Soviet Union

    2- SUHIS aims to uphold the positive spirit that also existed amidst the turmoil, and highlight the great moments in the annals of the Soviet Union.

    3- SUHIS will address mis-conceptions and prejudices concerning the Soviet Union and its predecessors and thus contribute positively towards a better understanding and international peace.

    4 - SUHIS acts also as Peace and Human Rights forum,always seeking dialogue and the golden middle way.

    5 - SUHIS has its own agendas of peace and dialogue, and is not bound by any particular party platform or program.

    6 - SUHIS steers a reasonable middle course and aims to befriend people of all nations. SUHIS distances itself from the fiery rethoric used by some ,but rather believes and pratices moderation, tolerance and sees itself as mediator, facilitator, bridge-builder and historian.

    7 - SUHIS views the emergence of the new Russia and the CIS with its new spirit of freedom and democracy in the light of Soviet Legacy, in its transformed,reformed and enlightened stage.

    8 - SUHIS International Chapters aim to serve the Russian and all CIS nations and people as true and faithful ambassadors and envoys, in a balanced manner.

    9 - SUHIS seeks to enlarge its memberbase through recruitment campaigns , mainly via the internet.

    10 - SUHIS condems Anti-Semitism in whatever form and seeks positive dialogue instead.

    11 - SUHIS members volunteer for welfare causes and aim to ease suffering where-ever possible.

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